Welcome to Kawasemi House

  Kawasemi, River kingfisher in English, is a sparrow-sized
wild bird with vivid blue upper-parts and orange under-parts.
It inhabits around clear water streams and rich greenery. Hino
city, which proclaims itself a town of rich green and clear streams,
takes this bird a symbol of the city, since there the city maintains
rich natural environment consisting of lots of trees, water
fountains and streams, wild plants and animals.


  Kawasemi House, named after this kingfisher, is the public facility operated
by the city office, which opened in April, 2017 on the site next to the
"Kurokawa Seiryu Khoen" at Higashi Toyoda. "Seiryu Khoen" means "Wooded
park with clear streams".

                    Front view

 Kawasemi House has two major functions:
One is services of the environment information center in Hino,
including dissemination of information on the overall local environment
issues and nature's charm.
Another is of the community center to provide gathering venue
and organize the community events.
Visit Kawasemi House when you want to know environment issues in Hino,
to participate the events or look for the venue to gather or meet.
Staff will offers information to you and supports you to use the facility

●Open Days and Business Hours
 Open for six days in a week from Tuesday to Sunday, Monday is day off
 Business Hours: from 9:00 a.m. to 21:30 p.m.

 About seven minutes by walk from the north gate of TOYODA Station, JR Chuo Line.
 The path from the station is indicated by the dot line in the map below.

 No parking lot for public use is available on the premise,
 but one car space is secured only for handicapped visitors.

●Facilities for visitors
Lounge Round tables and chairs are set for the rest while walking, small group meeting, lunch time break, etc. in addition to studying books, reports, papers on environment issues. No booking in advance is required.
Kitchen Open kitchen style with various utensils and dishes, pans, etc. An IH cooking heater, refrigerator, oven-range are also equipped and available for free.
Meeting Room Three rooms are available. Each accommodates 20 to 30 persons, while two or three rooms can be in one by moving partition walls for 40 to 80. Eleven folding desks and many chairs are furnished in each room. Use of the meeting room is chargeable in principle.
Baby nursing room Equipped with a chair for nursing, a diaper changing table.
Toilet Three types toilets are available at any time in the business hours: for men, women and a multipurpose including a wheel chair use.
Open garden Flat lawn garden can be used for outdoor lunch, chatting and children's playing.
Parking lot One car can be parked only for handicapped visitors.


 ●Room Charge
 Use of the meeting rooms are chargeable as shown in the table of charges below, while Lounge
and Kitchen are available free. Payment is accepted on the same day of the use.

MorningAfternoonEveningWhole Day

●Equipment and furniture provided
(1) Every meeting room furnishes 11 tables, 33 chairs, 1 white board (mobile)
(2) For common use, 2 mikes, 1 speaker, 1 amplifier, 60-inch TV monitor, picture rails
  with suspending fittings
(3) For kitchen: dishes, plates, cups, knives, cooking utensils and a microwave oven,
  a large refrigerator with freezer

●How to use the facilities
Meeting rooms need to be reserved before use, while open kitchen and lounge need no
reservation. Reservation can be made three months ahead from the application date.
Booking by telephone should be confirmed by submitting "Application Form" to "Kawasemi
House" within seven days.

Kawasemi House
Address: 3-26-1 Higashi Toyoda, Hino, Tokyo
Zip code: 191-0052
Telephone Number: 042-581-1164
E-mail address: kawasemihouse@icom.zaq.ne.jp